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Excessive intake of alcohol and other drugs is a very harmful path to take. It not only affects the individuals who abuse, but abuse will go on to impact negatively on people close to the addict, including family, friends and co-workers. It can eventually destroy these relationships.

The reassuring news is that there are many ways in which addicts can receive help with their dependence problems. One way is through residential addiction treatment. Also known as rehabilitation, this is a type of treatment where the person suffering from substance addiction remains in the health center until recovery is completed. This form of treatment usually covers all the necessary ground to help an addict get back to a normal life.

There are many types of residential treatment available all over the United States that treat a variety of addictions. They include centers that deal with addiction to drugs such as cocaine, meth, opiates and marijuana, as well as others that exclusively handle addiction to alcohol. For those patients who are found to have a dual case of addiction (addiction to alcohol and a different drug), a suitable residential treatment center is one capable of treating both problems simultaneously.

Residential Addiction Treatment

There are treatment centers that are for men only or women only, young children, adolescents and the elderly. The best kind of rehab center can accommodate all these groups at once.

For children and teens battling addiction, some rehabilitation centers offer treatment for mental disorders, too. This is because research has shown that a majority of young people who engage in the abuse of alcohol and drugs have been brought up in environments where there have been family problems, perhaps involving physical violence or even sexual exploitation.

They take refuge in drugs and need help to understand how to find better ways of dealing with their insecurities and problems. These rehab facilities also have programs to handle behavioral and educational disorders.

This form of addiction treatment is proven to be the best because it presents a multipronged approach to the problem. Most residential addiction treatment centers found within the United States deal with the psychological, spiritual and physical aspects of addiction.

These forms of treatment offer a wide range of services including detoxification, group and private counseling, as well as withdrawal care and after-treatment support for patients to help them keep up their newly found abstinence from alcohol and drugs once treatment is over.

There are two categories of centers that provide this treatment, locked and unlocked rehab centers.

A locked down residential treatment facility is a place where the patients being treated are confined to small cubicles or rooms where they stay while undergoing the treatment procedure. There is absolutely no permission for them to circulate freely in the facility until the treatment is completed.

Unlocked rehab is category of residential treatment centers where the patients have much more freedom. In fact, the patients are sometimes allowed to go out of the center during the day if they agree to follow a certain number of rules and conditions.

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